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Scrum Planning Poker for Slack - Part 1 - Tangocode If your company is using Scrum and Slack, the TangoCode Scrum Planning Poker for Slack is for you! The process to use it starts with somebody (usually the Scrum Master) signing in to the web app using Slack and preparing the poker session, for this he/she needs to invite the participants (usually the Dev Team). ALMP15: Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2015 ALMP15: Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2015 This course focuses on agile methodologies and includes discussions and content focused on both Scrum and Kanban practices. In this course, attendees will plan a new software development project and go through the steps to initiate the project using Visual Studio 2015.

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Scrum Dynamics 11: Estimating product backlog using planning ... What to play planning poker with: planning poker cards, com, or, or ScrumPoker4Devs from the Visual Studio Marketplace. How to play planning poker: describe the ... GitHub - inovex/planning-poker: An online Planning Poker ... planning-poker. An online Planning Poker based on node.js and WebSockets. Supports english and german language. Current Version. 0.4.5. Screenshots. Installation. Install dependencies. npm install Run server. node poker-server.js If you are running the server on port 80. sudo node poker-server.js Configuration. General

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Professional Scrum Developer Training | Microsoft Courses ... Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples. Class Prerequisites. Experience in the following is required for this Visual Studio class: Basic understanding of Scrum. Visual Studio 2013 Premium edition (or above). Have read the Scrum Guide. Planning poker on virtual teams - Stack Exchange Ask the team. Planning poker is an estimation tool, not a required Scrum artifact or practice. If planning poker as such doesn't work for the team, invite them to brainstorm on a better way--after all, it's about what helps the team estimate, not what is easiest (or most common) for the Scrum Master. On Scrum: Playing Planning Poker with a ... - Four Kitchens A challenge unique to distributed scrum teams is how to play planning poker when team members are working remotely. There are a number of online solutions available. JIRA plug-ins, Pivotal Tracker plug-ins, and this online planning poker game from Mountain Goat Software. The latter gives distributed teams a free tool for playing planning poker.